Antti Tapani SS22

Year completed: 2022

Antti Tapani SS22  | FILM

Don’t think outside the box, break the box 🧨 Our latest collaboration with director kaverikarim for Antti Tapani SS22 collection.

To bring this concept to life we utilized a wide set of tools ranging from live action to Unreal Engine and C4D.

We managed to get the best of both worlds by monitoring the pre-visualized 3D environments live on set via Unreal Engine, also providing a clear reference for the client and the crew. Once in post production we utilized the reference feed and tracking data captured by UE to composite the finalized 3D environments with the live action footage. The end result is mind-bending. 🔮


The director, kaverikarim, wanted this film to be empowering and stylish. The box/walls surrounding the protagonists is extremely imposing, and works as a metaphor of a certain mindset and being able to break through it. As the storyline moves forward, the viewer can observe a clear process of mental blossoming and even victory.