Music for Plants 2021

01 Dec 2021 – 05 Dec 2021

Plant energy, visual art and ambient soundscapes for the alleviation of SADness at Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Plants and humans have co-existed for hundreds of thousands of years, quite literally breathing off of each other: they use our carbon dioxide, we use their oxygen. Music For Plants would like to invite you to meditate on this synergy between plants and humans through sound, light and video art.

Music For Plants is a five day music and visual art event taking place at Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden in Helsinki during 1.-5.12. Coinciding with some of the darkest days in Finnish winter, the event creates a unique opportunity to feed plant power back into our psyches, enhancing the effect with light, video and sound art made purposefully for the plants and the different botanical rooms at this historical greenhouse.