Film, animation and art

The Finnish word for brother.

We began as just that — two brothers back in 2011. Since then, we’ve grown to more than that, but the word is entwined in our DNA.

a multidisciplinary production studio for film, animation and art.

We prove that commercial work can become art and that it doesn’t have to be any less creative.
It’s human nature to connect with something that moves us, and if that
connection happens to be with a brand, it becomes commercial.

And that creative spark that goes beyond meeting the brief  — the bit that connects with your audience — that’s where our value lies. That is where creativity becomes art.

Commercials, brand films, short films | Veli.films

3D animation, visual effects and motion graphics | Veli.fx

Art direction, art, design, illustration and installations |

We are artists, filmmakers, illustrators, animators and production specialists.

We pride ourselves by being relentlessly curious about our craft and multidisciplinary in our thinking. We stand up for what we believe in: equality, empathy and excellence over profit margin.

But what makes us stand out is that we live and breathe what we do. We love our craft, and this shows with each piece we produce.

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