We pride ourselves by being relentlessly curious about our craft and multidisciplinary in our thinking. Veli Studio operates under the creative direction of Juho Vesanen and Joni Stanley, accompanied by executive producer Veera Almila and art director Antoine Paikert. We value meaningful relationships with our clients and collaborators and truly believe that good work is just a side product of those encounters. After years of working at the intersection of multiple disciplines, we’ve learned the importance of caring enough. The simple act of caring can be transformative – that is where we draw inspiration. Our creative direction is holistic, curious and kind.



Being curious creates meaning in life, at least in ours. No one approaches every part of their lives with full curiosity. But those who can find something personally interesting in the most mundane tasks, are most likely quite happy.

Let’s say that you have 100% of creativity to give for a project. You will spend about 40% of it to interpreting the brief from the client and thinking of ways of making it happen. Which leads us to another 40% spent on creatively managing the resources (money, time, people). Now you’ve used 80% of your creativity, which is a lot, and you don’t really need to use any more of it.

By being a professional and taking great care of translating the clients brief into reality within the given resources you’ve done a good job and the end result matches the needs of the client. The remaining 20% of creativity is something that is not necessarily required to complete the project, so if you choose to use it that 20% essentially represents your curiosity. Using the remaining 20% doesn’t mean that you necessarily try to make the project perfect, but rather to make it mean something for you.

Our work is a conversation, let’s talk.
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