We are a multidisciplinary production studio based in Helsinki and London.

We prove that commercial work can become art and that it doesn’t have to be any less creative. It’s human nature to connect with something that moves us, and if that connection happens to be with a brand, it becomes commercial.

That creative spark that goes beyond meeting the brief — the bit that connects with your audience — that’s where our value lies. That is where creativity becomes art.

Film production


Producing live-action content is in our DNA. The curiosity and love towards filmmaking is what has brought us here today and which has earned us awards and acknowledgement. We produce content ranging from TV-commercials to brand films and self funded shorts and our production team works with our in-house talents as well as acclaimed freelance directors.

We are known for our deliberate yet down to earth style of production, bold and visually strong storytelling and the ability of making “something out of nothing”. This skill has been the most important factor in our progress as a production company, as we’ve always been a bit of an underdog when compared to older and more established companies.



Our in-house animation studio was born in early 2018 when Sakke Soini joined forces with one of our founding members, Matti Vesanen with an ambition to be the best in visionary 3D animation and art direction. We are forerunners in 3D, VFX and motion design, with a constant hunger and forward-thinking mindset to learn something new every day. We make modern day magic.

In addition to our in-house animators, 3D artists and editors, our represented list of artists consists of acclaimed illustrators, animators and multidisciplinary artists who can bring the needed extraness into anything.




We represent a group of artists who share our values, vision and mission. Multidisciplinary designers, 3D animators, illustrators and creative artists. This group of artists creates a community called Veli.art, where we aim to support, advice and grow all together.


Veli Studio R&D – Research and Development 

We dedicate a day a week to our own research and development program, where we aim to step out of our comfort zone and to bring something back to our daily projects.

  1. We are artists, filmmakers, illustrators, animators, production specialists and much more. 

We pride ourselves by being relentlessly curious about our craft and multidisciplinary in our thinking. We stand up for what we believe in: equality, empathy and excellence over profit margin.

But what makes us stand out is that we live and breathe what we do. We love our craft, and this shows with each piece we produce. 

Veli is the Finnish word for brother.

We began as just that — two brothers back in 2011. Since then, we’ve grown to more than that, but the word is entwined in our DNA.

Brothers Juho & Matti Vesanen founded the company in 2011 and worked their way into the industry without any formal education. Veli was born in 2014 when Jenni Salonen and Joni Lindroos joined the company and together they began forming Veli into what it is today – a multidisciplinary production studio. The growth of the company has always been motivated from the inside, which has kept Veli both independent and true to its own values.

Curiosity is a key word defining the way we think at and that’s what has encouraged us to explore such a wide variety of mediums. We believe that the best way to stay in business is to constantly pave way for new interests to bubble up to the surface; this is exactly the way Veli.fx was born in 2018. We are not afraid of change. We’ve developed into a full service production studio with film and animation being our main expertise and where art bridges both of these into new territories. The Veli.art artists community marks yet another new way of doing and thinking and we see great potential in it.

The line between art and commerce is thin, but we love to thread it.

20% Creativity

We believe in creative freedom.

Some time ago we made a simple but important revelation about a pattern that has been forming in our work. When we put it on paper we realised that the people with whom we’ve done our most fulfilling projects must have the same mindset and pattern on their work as well. We deconstructed a typical creative brief that we or anyone else in the creative field might receive – be it commercial, architecture, illustration etc. Let’s say that you have 100% of creativity to give for a project. You will spend about 40% of it to interpreting the initial brief from the client and trying to think ways of making it happen. Which leads us to another 40% spent on creatively managing the resources (money, time). Now you’ve used 80% of your creativity, which is a lot, and you don’t really need to use any more of it.

By being a professional and taking great care of translating the clients brief into reality within the given resources you’ve done a good job and the end result matches the basic needs of the client. The remaining 20% of creativity is something that is not necessarily required to complete the project, so this 20% essentially represents your creative freedom. If you use your creative freedom you start to make the project more personal and engaging. In this 20% your style as a creative starts to creep into the project and in the long run your body of work has a signature on it and you’ve created a recognisable style. Using the 20% doesn’t mean that you necessarily try to make the project perfect, but rather to make it mean something for you – which always makes the end result better as a byproduct. In my opinion this is how you can make commercial art. Work that endures and stays relevant for a longer time than ones made with the 80%.

This might sound like the 80% comes easy and everyone can do it, but it’s definitely not the case. It takes an enormous amount of creative craft to make it happen in a way that everyone involved are content. The 20% is basically the reason why you’re doing this in the first place, it’s the fundamental curiosity towards your craft. But nothing is more easy than to not use this creative freedom in the world of deadlines and pressure – well watching Netflix might be a bit easier though but I’m sure you know what I mean. Our biggest strength at Veli has always been the use of that 20%. We started from doing corporate talking head videos and even from those we managed to create something that we were proud of. Making something out of nothing. After years of working in our field and having become recognised among our peers, this fundamental use of creative freedom is more important than ever.

Now that we have established our selves as professionals it would be quite easy to let the ship run on autopilot. This is not what we want to do. We want to continue to think about commercials as art with resources. We want to be better partners to like minded creatives who have the same urge to do their professional work in a way that has meaning to them as human beings.

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