A Space for Creative Freedom

Year completed: 2023
Client: Finnish National Gallery – Alusta



The Finnish National Gallery, an institution dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture, brought us on board for the creation of Alusta. The goal was to create an identity for a web3 based creative platform, enabling individuals to authentically express themselves and fostering creative innovation. Our journey with Alusta began in August, and we were tasked to create its brand identity, design, and launch strategy.

The Beginnings of Alusta

Alusta is a digital platform opening a new era of digital art and creativity. The platform seeks to empower a diverse audience, including creators, enthusiasts, and tech-savvy individuals, providing an immersive and inclusive experience. Alusta champions progressiveness, inclusivity, collaboration, and diversity, creating an environment that encourages experimentation and the pushing of digital expression boundaries.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of Alusta reflects the fusion and continuous evolution of creativity.

We took a strategic approach to develop this identity focus on tackling the ambitious goal and values of Alusta. The identity presents the boundary-pushing dimension of collective artistic expression, the power of connection, and the fostering of innovation and experimentation.

The logo and symbols are a combination of geometric shapes and playful lines, reminiscent of early computer graphics yet presented with a modern twist. Drawing inspiration from the evolution of the digital realm and the role of computing in contemporary art, the visual elements signify Alusta’s commitment to innovation.


Alusta’s typography is a key element in making the identity striking yet accessible. It acts as a breeze of simplicity within the complex systems. The chosen typography is adaptable across various mediums, ensuring consistency in the brand’s visual identity and accessibility. The typography design participates to the platform’s appeal and contributes to the overall immersive experience Alusta offers.

Colour Palette

The colour palette is a careful combination of classic and contemporary colours. Dominated by hues representing passion, and vitality, the colours add a bold and eye-catching element to Alusta’s visual identity. The palette not only captures attention but also conveys a powerful message about the platform’s essence.

User Interface & Experience

Multidisciplinary designer Erno Forsström designed the complete UI/UX of the Alusta platform.

The minimalist and sleek design serves as a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience for its creative community. By embracing clean lines, ample whitespace, and a consistent use of the colour palette, Alusta has created a platform that empowers users to focus on their creative projects removing all distractions and buffer. This design approach is crucial for Alusta to stand by the values it defends and becoming a successful leading platform for digital creativity, fostering a thriving community of artists and enthusiasts.


Accessibility & Adaptability 

Alusta’s colour palette largely aligns with WCAG AAA principles, providing high levels of contrast for text and essential content. This palette ensures readability and that the platform is accessible to anyone, even users with potential visual impairements. Careful consideration is needed when using vibrant red, pastel pink and fresh lime together for text elements to maintain AAA compliance.

Another key considerations in crafting Alusta’s visual identity was its adaptability across various mediums. Whether on a digital screen, in print, or within the dynamic landscape of social media, the visual elements maintain their integrity. This adaptability ensures that Alusta’s identity remains consistent, creating a cohesive brand presence that resonates with users across diverse platforms.

Alusta’s journey from conception to launch represents the successful collaboration between our team and the Finnish National Gallery. By combining a progressive vision with thoughtful design, Alusta is well on its way to become a pioneer in the realm of digital art and creativity by opening new possibilities for self-expression and collaboration. The platform will continue to evolve, staying true to its commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and the limitless potential of digital expression.


Combine24 isan open generative art competition hosted by The Finnish National Gallery, part of the Alusta initiative. Participants are asked to create a new generative artwork that innovatively uses the copyright-free, CC0-licensed collection data of the Finnish National Gallery in its implementation.

We were tasked with the creation of the visual identity and all the communication materials for the competition.


The visuals were inspired by generative art while retaining a clean layout proper to the Finnish National Gallery through various motion techniques, simple typography and grids.