Arcelevn FW21 “KAAMOS”

Year completed: 2021


During the pandemic, fashion world has faced problems never seen before. Fashion weeks and shows have moved to internet and taken virtual forms.

For Arcelevn‘s F/W2021 “KAAMOS” we created a full CGI show by modelling the collection in Marvellous Designer and creating the show in Cinema 4D.

KAAMOS – Period of the year in the Arctic Circle when the sun does not rise over the horizon. Arcelevn Fall Winter 2021 Collection by Eetu Räisänen.


Created by Arcelevn’s Ville Leppänen, the CGI – which included everything from the catwalk area to the models and clothing – was produced in just three weeks using a workflow similar to the process of creating a physical product. “Creating CGI clothing follows the same principles as creating physical clothing,” Leppänen explains. “The original blueprints are used to create a completely authentic, digital replica of the design. CGI clothing isn’t just pixels on the screen.”

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