Jenni Salonen


Jenni is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in film. She has already made an impressive career as a director, art director and cinematographer by making multiple highly acclaimed commercials and music videos. Her mediums have varied throughout her life: she has painted, done photography, film, ceramics and written poetry.

She sees the world through the glasses of surrealism, mysticism, human body, thoughts, fears and the thinking process of a human mind – that elusive mind with all of its complications and struggles. In addition to this she is interested in exploring the human connection with another human and especially the connection to oneself in a world where the aspiration for productivity and perfectionism are present.

Currently she is widening her expertise with the studies of design on ceramics & glass. She wants to be a part of a change and be able to flatten those rising issues with mental health in today’s society – to create even a slightly bit more compassionate world to reach those aims – increase the acceptance between us, but mainly with oneself.

During the past six years she has been building Veli and worked mainly as a director and art director. During the eight years of her career she has gained experience in working with commercials, artist promo pictures, music videos, short films, art films, fiction tv-series and documentaries. She has worked with clients such as Arabia, Iittala, Flow Festival, Universal Music, Volkswagen, Love & Anarchy Film Festival and Finnair, and awarded Junior of the year at Vuodet Huiput, Gold Award at ADC’E and three Silver awards at Vuodet Huiput.

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