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Viiksimaisteri (b 1991) is a coder, designer and artist specialising in visual work. He’s a hypnotic and hyperactive deus ex machina, a naïve digitalist baptised in information technology. Viiksimaisteri’s work delves into media theory and interface aesthetics from a posthumanist aspect.

A master of 3D art and virtual reality Viiksimaisteri is a graduate of MA in New Media: Design and Production at Aalto University, researching media theory, interface aesthetics and posthumanism through production of digital artworks.

1991 → SNES, Internet, WinMX, RuneScape, DC++, Photoshop, Ultima Online, IRC, Irc-Galleria, CSS, DeviantArt, FruityLoops, The Sims, Freewebs, HTML, Wolfenstein: ET, Windows Movie Maker, MySpace, GameCube, Xbox (chipped), Facebook, World of Warcraft, Illustrator, SoundCloud, Freelance, After Effects, Vimeo, WordPress, Ableton, Twitter, jQuery, Three.js, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Instagram, PHP, Processing, Snapchat, Arduino, Blender, openFrameworks, MA New Media, Vitrite, Fortnite, WebGL, Deep Desktop →

Marimekko's 70th Anniversary


Uiui Studio

YES web 3D, and CSS3, and gsap and everything else good and great modern fresh beautiful stuff 🍊

Website for @notedesignstudio 🇸🇪  Soooo cool to work with an awarded design studio with the most aesthetic products and projects 🧡

Super fun things to make in this website! And those things are terribly challenging to optimise. But like @djfiskars once said, “well you like challenges don’t you” …😎

Note (design studio)




Now here’s a project that fits my current aspirations of having more projects to do with ✧ creative ✧ coding.

…How’d be a simple basic homepage with five different (cool) alternatives? Quite fun! 🥦

🎾 “is an idea atelier specializing in creative direction & artist management known for unorthodox live concepts” — this concept proved pretty wild too 💭

The five alternatives are:
• Black metal, cause 🔥🦅
• Green balls in shape of UI UI that you can flick around
• One with over 400 media files from Pietari’s collection 📱
• 🧩 200IQ puzzle with a reward 🧩
• Sticky notes that you can write into, cause taking notes is inportant 📒

• Art direction & visual design: @lars_hogstrom / @_tsto
• Web development: @viiksi.exe
• Creative direction & concept:
• Drawings, photos, screenshots:
• Studio portraits: Sergei Pavlov