Journey to Zero

Year completed: 2021
Client: Neste

Journey to Zero: The Optimistic Anticipation | ANIMATION

We created a short film depicting a journey from the impossible to the possible, ultimately, the achievable. Journey to innovation defines the concept and power of design fiction, tied up with Neste’s new Power-to-X energy. This technology puts Neste at the forefront of harnessing hydrogen, therefore, leading the battle for a more sustainable future.

Innovation often begins with the realisation that something needs to be done. 💫


Design fiction is a powerful tool for artists, designers, companies, and communities to reimagine the past, present, and future or visualize futures that were previously missing.

We worked with Heather Snyder Quinn (MFA), Assistant Professor of Design and design fiction expert. She recently engaged with Neste’s innovation team on a design fiction initiative to imagine their role in creating preferable futures for all.


Arhtur c. clark says “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Which is why we created contemporary, visionary, striking, conceptual and partly abstract visuals and footage.

We used a combination of abstract elements with familiar materials, and natural objects like stone and wood, to achieve a specific sense of magic.

This short film paints a powerful picture of what the journey from impossible to possible is. We want to show that impossible is achievable.