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Year completed: 2023
Client: Savonlinna Opera Festival

Savonlinna Opera Festival 2023 | PRODUCTION

There are no rules in opera, love and games. 👾 

We are honoured to produce Savonlinna Opera Festival visuals for the second year in a row, this time with a new twist to it.

Ready to play the game? ✂️



Each year, the Savonlinna Opera Festival markets their event in a new and unique way. For their 2023 edition, the core idea was to explore the similarities between the world of old school video games and their plot twists and the ones of operas.

We started this project by taking a deep-dive in the history of video game and selecting what eras would aesthetically connect with their target audiences the best.

With this film and visuals, we captured the intrepid spirit to the world of operas and added a touch of a comedy to it.


Creative coder and artist Viiksimaisteri used Unity game engine for the planning, design, development, testing, and deployment process of the video.

Sami Saramäki illustrated all the main characters and the Olavi’s castle, which were then animated and imported into Unity game engine. Thanks to Unity, we were able to easily generate and export a lot of materials out of the world created.

In conclusion, by using a combination of traditional and digital illustration techniques, we were able to create characters that were both fun and resemblant to the idea made of these from the operas. The process allowed us to experiment with different designs and styles, and ultimately bring the characters to life in an engaging and playful way.