Year completed: 2022
Client: Valio

Valio Bettersweet | 3D ANIMATION

We created a satisfying chocolate world for all the sweet tooths out there. đŸ« Valio brought us on board to create a surreal animation presenting Bettersweet. Through the help of AI and human craftsmanship, they engineered this new solution that allows drastic sugar reductions in chocolate without altering its taste or texture. We visualised this otherworldly scenery through Houdini. 🧚


Creative challenge

“Valio Bettersweetℱ is a service solution that enables natural sugar reduction with up to 30% without touching chocolate’s taste or texture. It also paves the way for ‘without added sugar’ claims.” With the help of AI and human craftsmanship, Valio demonstrated that their Bettersweet solutions works on any milk chocolate solution.

With this entirely new solution, Valio needed supporting visuals to present their technology and the proof of concept behind it.

Veli Studio was responsible to create this surreal world and animation. From the 3D sculpting to all the motion graphics, we produced all the materials in-house.

Our approach

We built a clear storyline for the animation, starting from the threat, following the shift and onwards to the future.

These starting points were the angular stone to develop the visual direction and deepen the narrative.

The world was built using procedural algorithms which allow the movement and transformation of the terrain smoothly, while also allowing to keep the same basic recognisable form through out the film. Also by using this method we were able to travel from ground to space while keeping the same overall detail. We kept the textures and shaders work as highly realistic and detailed.