Gallery Guide

Year completed: 2022
Client: Amos Rex

Amos Rex Gallery Guide: Tadashi Kawamata, The Nest  | Graphic Design

For our recent project with Amos Rex we were tasked to engineer a complete solution to digitalise their gallery guide. Until now, most of Amos Rex’s exhibition’s have taken place inside allowing them to rely on their physical booklet guides. As Tadashi Kawamata’s The Nest exhibition brings art outside of Amos Rex, they needed a guide accessible for visitors on their mobile devices.



We designed the digital gallery guide with a focus on accessibility and easiness of use while implementing Amos Rex’s visual style and offering a unique user experience. This solution offers an overview of all the contents and allows the user to get directly to it rather than experience endless scrolling. Within all the information, we added fun and interactive elements such as stop motion videos controlled by scroll, creating an immersive experience within the pieces of this exhibition. The one and only Viiksimaisteri translated our vision and design boards into reality.

Viiksi created a complete backend solution allowing the Amos Rex staff to easily build new digital gallery guides for any upcoming exhibition, following the design created.


Along the design of the gallery guide, we also created a logo for the exhibition as well as a range of stickers with QR Codes for accessing the gallery guide. The design of the stickers is inspired by the hills of Amos Rex. Moreover, we also prepared a full aerial shoot of the exhibitions pieces which was executed by @koptercam.