One Plus

Year completed: 2022


OnePlus – The World of a Billion Colors  | FILM

Enter the world of a billion colours 🎨

We recently worked with @oneplussuomi for the launch of the latest OnePlus 10 Pro, co-developed with Hasselblad. In a grey tunnel things might not not always be as they seem 👁 


This film showcases the OnePlus 10 Pro as the world’s best camera phone. As the faces of this advertisement, we see the familiar guys from JVG.

Together with the director, Eino Manner, we ideated an elegant atmosphere of style and derive the inspiration from the fashion industry. I’ll open this idea more a few pages later.

The film takes place in a gray abstract space and tunnel, where the play created by light and color unexpectedly surrounds the actors.


The film is shot in a studio where an acrylic two-walled tunnel is built that folds the colors beautifully. At the end of the tunnel is an infinity wall, in front of which stand Jare and Ville (JVG).

For the idea of location, we have taken references from art installations, as the director believes that bringing this kind of approach into a commercial context speaks for the elegance of the phone.