Kioski FW21: The Coexist Edition

Year completed: 2021
Client: Marimekko


The Marimekko Kioski Coexist Edition reminds us of the wonderful world we live in. Our coexistence with nature is all about respect – and being kind and fair to everything and everyone.

The new Kioski campaign invites you to an animated Marimekko world where harmony among all creatures thrives. We created this digital utopia in collaboration with Marimekko’s creative team, emerging director and photographer Hayley Lê and our very own 3D artist Aliina Kauranne.



An homage to gender-free dressing and laid-back ’90s athletic aesthetic, the key pieces include oversize T-shirts and a tracksuit made of cotton jersey and soft French terry – with fun customizable Velcro pattern patches, embroideries and flock prints.

The campaign’s sound design was created in collaboration with our new friend Licaxxx, a producer and DJ from Tokyo, who has composed a conceptual piece of music by utilizing a sound library based on field recordings from the Marimekko printing mill.


“Marimekko and it’s iconic patterns have been around in my life since childhood. It has always been my dream to work with Marimekko, and I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting project than this. Creating their first ever 3D world based on classic 2D prints was a special task and it really felt like it. It was amazing to get to know Maija Isola’s ‘Kaksoset’ and ‘Musta Tamma’ prints in detail, learn about the history and to make my own interpretation of them. And they turned out cute! I’m very happy and honoured I got to be a part of this 💖” – Aliina Kauranne, 3D Artist